Project Groups for Jira


Project Groups for JIRA is a plugin for Atlassian JIRA, which allows you to combine projects into groups with multi-level hierarchy. Additionally Plugin contains handy tool for fast and effective projects settings management. Administration page with projects browser with customizable columns, filters and ability to bulk change projects settings.


Install Project Groups for JIRA through Atlassian Marketplace or UPM. Get trial license or buy one.

Group configuration

You must have the JIRA System Administrators global permission to create, edit or delete groups.

Choose: Cog > Projects > Groups Editor (sidebar)

You can create any number of groups with any nesting level. The only limitation is that groups on same level must have different names.

Linking project to groups

You must have the JIRA System Administrators global permission to link project to group. Navigate to the settings page for the project and find «Group» on a left sidebar. Also, you can simultaneously link several projects to group with bulk edit feature of administrational projects browser (see below).

Browsing projects by groups

Choose: Projects (top menu bar) > Browse By Group. On a left sidebar is a hierarchical groups list, and links to all and ungrouped projects. Grey number in superscript is a number of projects in current group (excluding projects in subgroups).

Click on title (current group name) to view projects only in current group, without subgroups.

Browsing projects by leads

Choose: Projects (top menu bar) > Browse By Lead.

Workflow condition

Plugin provides workflow condition that allows you to perform transition based on project is included/not included in specified project groups.

JQL Function

Plugin provides JQL function "projectGroups" that allows you to search issues based on project is included in specified groups.

project in projectGroups("Design")

You can provide multiple groups:

project in projectGroups("Design", "Development")

Please note that if you have several groups with same title, function will return all projects in all groups with that title.

Administrational project browser

Choose: Cog > Projects > Admin Console (sidebar)

Columns customization

You can change which columns is displayed in projects table with «Columns» button in upper right corner. Columns set is saved for current user. Project key with link to project page is always visible, as a cog icon with link to project administration page.

Projects filtering

You can filter projects by visible columns. Use drop-down lists at the top of table for this. Buttons with lists containing changed values are marked green.

Bulk changing projects settings

Regardless of filter active or not, you can use «Bulk Edit» button for bulk change projects settings. If filter is active, you’ll see only filtered projects. At the moment you can edit following settings:

  • Group
  • Category
  • Permission Scheme
  • Screen Scheme
  • Field Layout Scheme
  • Notification Scheme